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Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play.
Step 2: Write down the first line from the first 20 songs that play or close to it. (Okay, so I put the line that stuck out the most to me...I wasn't actually listening to them. I did however try to put a line that's closest to the first line...:xxxx)
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from.
Step 4: Cross out the songs (or similar) when someone guesses correctly.

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Yay for half-days!

Not a lot happened today, since it was a half-day. Apparently Ryan has a stalker, which is hilarious. Maybe we're just mean. I think it's because we think that it's hilarious that someone would want to stalk Ryan. Of all people...

Last night, however, was monumental. Brooke and I wrote our own Lost commentary and are going to make our own Livejournal community. Be on the lookout for it.

Here is the first commentary (and read even if you don't watch Lost, we explain what happened in the show)

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"love is like a role that we play..."

I'm so awful.

I've never hated myself more.

I'm seriously the worst person in the world.

How could I have done this?

Oh my God oh my God oh my God.

I think there's something wrong with having a boyfriend, and yet melting when the guy you really likes pays more attention to you than anyone else.

I am awful.

And how the hell am I supposed to break up with him? I can't do that!

I'm such a stupid bitch.

I hate myself.
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Today was a five-hour play practice. Good God is play taking over my life!

But again it was awesome. The policemen were taking a test right outside the stage area, so we had to be quiet. But Miss Sutton came up with a good idea and decided to ask them for a CPR dummy for our corpse (the Mr. Hoskins head we had before is now being used by the makeup people to try on wigs). So the police called the fire department, and they brought a CPR dummy. The name on the case was Resusci-Anne, which really made me laugh. A lot.

Brooke and Shelly had to dress the dummy which was by far one of the greatest things ever to watch. It could have been a scene from a movie.

Then after Resusci-Anne (haha) was dressed, I helped Shelly sort clothes and decide whether they were junk or not. We came upon a wedding dress, and Shelly said, "I think we should maybe ask if we should throw this out or not."

There was then the humongo problem of how we were going to pick it up to show Mrs. Parish. I came up with a way.

"Which way is the skirt, dammit?" I asked, as I tried to throw it over my head. Shelly watched as I poked my head through. "Found it," I added.

After it was over my chest, I realized it was on sideways. Shelly said, "Well, it's too late now," so I bunched up the skirt to make sure that it didn't drag and we stepped out to look for Mrs. Parish, who turned out to be on the other side of the caf.

"Great," I said. I pulled up the skirts of my dress more to reveal my written on, colored on, ratty ol' tennis shoes. It looked a little like the poster for Runaway Bride, and it was probably one of the greatest moments, as people were screaming, "EMILY WHAT ARE YOU WEARING????" Hahaha I am Emily Fabulous fooooools! I do what I want!

Yeaaaah ignore that random outburst of stupidity.

Then lunch had to be one of the greatest moments in the history of history. Well at lunch, Jake and Brett were sitting all by themselves, and I nudged Jessie and said, "Let's go sit by the losers," so we did.

When we set our plates down we were like, "Hey now there's two cool people sitting here."

Ally Hartje followed us over because she's in love with Brett (please do not ask, it's a very long and complicated thing to explain).

Then, randomly, Jake said, "I ate a hot dog eating competition at a circus once."

Then we were all laughing and then Jake continued. "Yeah, I stuffed 13 hot dogs in my mouth at once."

Brett, who was drinking Gatorade at the time, laughed and Gatorade shot out his nose which made us laugh even more. Ally and I got up and got 3908790683470 napkins and made him clean it up.

Hey at least we got him the napkins.

Then, we were talking about stuff coming out of our noses (Brooke said that her lunch group was talking about body hair so we weren't having the weirdest conversation). Then Jake just had to say, "Green peppers once flew out of my nose like German missiles."

Brett, who was again drinking Gatorade, shot more out of his nose, and since Ally and I got 8 million napkins, he cleaned it up again.

Then, Jake proved his hot dog eating "skillz" by stuffing a piece of pizza into his mouth whole. Then Brett was like, "I'd like to see Emily do that."

So I attempted to and gagged. Which sounded like puking. So Jake and Brett ran and Jessie and Ally just sat there and laughed. And then I was like, "THAT'S FINE BRETT!!! JUST RUN LIKE A GAY MAN!!!!"

He wasn't havin' none of that. So he cornered me and was like, "You...should watch yourself."

I just grinned like whatevs and went on acting.

Like always.

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